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Tibetan Bridge

Tibetan Bridge
Suspended between history and adventure


The Tibetan bridges develop around the suggestive historical center of Sasso di Castalda. After crossing the first bridge - 95 meters long and suspended at about 70 meters in height - you reach the opposite side, on a slope characterized by typical geological formations.

Following a path along the bank of the Fosso, you pass the votive chapel and, in 15 minutes, you reach the Ponte alla Luna - Bridge to the Moon - 300 meters long and suspended at 120 meters in height from the stream below. When you arrive, you can experience the glass suspended sky-walk and a fully equipped belvedere where you can admire the panorama of the surrounding mountains. The total time it takes to cross the Tibetan bridges is approximately 2-3 hours.

An equally suggestive Tibetan bridge can be found in the city of Matera. This bridge connects the ancient Rione Sassi with the Park of the Murgia Matera. This is the easiest bridge to cross, since it is exclusively a pedestrian bridge, therefore, simple to access between the two banks of the torrent. This offers a magnificent view over the Gravina torrent and an unparalleled view from bottom to top of the Città dei Sassi - City of Stones.


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