Tour bike in Basilicata: Path across the tratturi| Borgo San Gaetano

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Bike tour across tratturi

Bike tour across the tratturi


The tratturi are wide grassy paths, covered with stones or dirt, which were once used by shepherds for the transhumance - or transfer - of flocks and herds from one pasture to another on a
seasonal basis.

The bike tour across the tratturi is a mountain bike excursion that alternates stretches of dirt roads with paved ones, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views. Guided by locals who know the territory very well, you will have the opportunity to visit hidden places that are rich in history.

Experience, Nature

Hunting for mushrooms

Hunting for mushrooms


The Lucania territory is characterized by an extraordinary amount of mushrooms, largely belonging to European mycological flora. A walk through the woods of this territory, along with certified mushroom identification experts, is an experience towards discovering the various species that spontaneously grow in the heart of the Basilicata region. You will find many species of porcini mushrooms and extraordinary specimens belonging to almost all of the most well-know types of mushrooms in Italy, including also the very select white truffle.

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The beauty foliage

Contemplating the beauty foliage


There are wonders of nature that are just waiting to be admired. Just like foliage. The beauty of foliage, which in autumn is tinged with yellow and red, and turns into a kaleidoscope of warm hues. With a backpack on your shoulders and comfortable shoes on your feet, you can spend hours admiring the transparencies and veining of the leaves filled with new tones. A fascinating guided tour you shouldn’t miss, for those who love colors and walking through nature.

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The flavor of olive oil

The flavor of olive oil, you make yourself


Choose your olive tree, pick the olives, extract the oil together with the millworker, and take the oil home with you after its been taste-tested. This experience gives you the opportunity to pick olives in the heart of the Basilicata region and, with your family, enjoy an oil that is renowned for its quality. You will have the opportunity to discover the land, places, and thousand-year traditions, personally experiencing the production processes related to the cultivation and transformation of olives.

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Pollino, an excursion on the pristine mountain


The Basilicata is a region that shouldn’t be rushed through to experience, perhaps on foot, in good company, and with a camera at your fingertips. The paths of the Pollino mountain wind along the stillness of shady trails and the ancestral charm of loricate pines. This is a bio-diverse land of an unspoiled nature of panoramas and of unique areas to explore by foot.

Nature lovers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the most exciting 2,000 meter high excursions, where trees bear witness to the magic of bygone times. During several periods of the year, when the moon is in its initial waxing phase, you can see the stars and planets.


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